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Password Demo

Password protected files
Any file can be password protected.
The following demo shows HTML, MS WORD and MS EXCEL files that are password protected.
If you try to read these files directly, they are unintelligible.

Select a link below and you will be presented with a dialog asking you for a Username and Password. Once you have accessed a given password-protected page, the password will be remembered by Dynamic-CD.

Select a password-protected page to view :
(The UserName and Password for each file is listed beside each link.)
  • Encrypted HTML page 1 -
  • ftest1.htm (Username: "demo1", Password:"test1")
  • Encrypted HTML page 2 -
  • ftest2.htm (Username: "demo2", Password:"test2")
  • Encrypted MS WORD file -
  • ftest3.doc (Username: "demo3", Password:"test3")
  • Encrypted page MS EXCEL file -
  • ftest4.xls (Username: "demo4", Password:"test4")

    The password protection provided by Dynamic-CD does NOT function on the Internet.
    Please download the evaluation copy to test this functionality.

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