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ASP Dynamic-CD

 What's new in the V3.3.0 release 
Dynamic-CD web server 22 Dec 2013 Windows 8 update 04 Mar 2013 Licensing update 29 Nov 2010 Improved support for Request.BinaryRead 20 Jul 2010 Licensing update 11 Nov 2009 Windows 7 support 01 Oct 2007 Removed need for admin privileges under MS Vista 18 Jun 2007 Added manifest to support MS Vista
Fixed kiosk mode for Vista 26 Apr 2006 Fixed URL decoding fault
Added kiosk mode
Removed error on file copy failure 25 Nov 2004 Switching off XP SP2 blocking and popup dialogs 11 Sep 2004 Support for Request.Cookies.Key values
Additional Profession License customisations
Prompt when running in debug mode 20 Aug 2004 Improved ASP built-in objects support for LCID and CodePage
Additional support for METADATA, .shtml files
Additional method : Server.EjectCD 12 Feb 2004 Fix of Server.MapPath at root in global.asp fault
Fix of Cookies filename fault
Fix of encryption password length fault
Fix of missing Response.UnlockRedirect 02 Dec 2003 Fix of Application bug 02 Sep 2003 Improved help 21 Jul 2003 Support for serving partial-content PDF files
Support for ScriptingContext
Improved ASP support
Support for unicode codepage
Volatile object registration 09 Dec 2002 Update to Response.BinaryWrite
Better support for Mime types
Warning re ActiveX ScriptingContext 13 Sep 2002 Professional customisation features 03 Sep 2002 Session.LCID implemented
Script catch of 404 errors
Server.EncryptFile implemented
Support for strong passwords
Searching CDs example
SecureCD example
Timed password example
2.6.0 09 Jul 2002 Support for cookie dictionaries
Support for cookie domains
Improved emulation of ASP
Tested on large ASP systems
Improved debug support
Support for Windows XP fast user switching 14 May 2002 Fixed IsEmpty() incompatibility with ASP 09 May 2002 Documentation feedback support 14 Apr 2002 More advantageous licencing
Customisation features for professional licence holders
Improved CD removal support
"cdFile" bug fixed 20 Mar 2002 Removed debug error message 19 Mar 2002 Fixed bug: crashes on exit if "Uses scripts" unchecked 27 Feb 2002 "cdFile" and "helpScreen" options supported.
"Server.StopServer" method added.
"ROOT_DIR_FILE_URL" server variable added.
Initial page shown in new browser window. 1 Nov 2001 Bug fix for VBScript "Set" command
2.5.0 31 Oct 2001 Release of improved Built-In Object support
2.2.0 24 May 2001 Release of upgraded language features
2.0.3 27 Feb 2001 Fixed bug: scripts fail if path contains spaces
2.0.2 22 Feb 2001 Scripts working again
2.0.1 20 Feb 2001 Fixed problem with encrypted/password protected files
2.0.0 12 Feb 2001 First release of script and database support
Updated encryption algorithm
1.1.0 27 Sept 2000 Stable reworking
B.0.9 09 Aug 2000 Birth

Dynamic-CD-Wizard set up tool 04 Mar 2013 Licensing update 20 Jul 2010 Licensing update 18 Nov 2009 Version update. 18 June 2007 Support for PHP 24 Nov 2004 Improved password protection in folders - user interface 11 Sep 2004 Warnings on copying read-only / hidden files 20 Aug 2004 Fix of incompatible CD removal options 06 Feb 2004 Fix of NOT LICENSED fault when viewing documentation 25 Jul 2003 Improvements to Advanced options user interface
Disallow pwd-protect of .asp and .inc files
Minimise box available
Lite licence supported
Fix bug to enable password protection under eval licence 06 Dec 2002 Register .dcd file association correctly for a Limited user 05 Dec 2002 New Personal licence limits
Better licence id handling
More log colours added
Password-protection filename case bug sorted 03 Sep 2002 Load project list has horizontal scrollbar if need be
List all 'already encrypted' files when making CD image
Check project name for control characters
CD file moved to Select Directories page, and "Show no file" option added.
Source and Image directories overlap message added to Select Directories page.
Asks to create directory after Browse for Image directory error.
Enforce strong passwords option added 10 Jul 2002 Reformatted initial page. "Check version online" button added.
Production/Debug wizard page added.
Check for plain file being pre-encrypted.
Tabbing works again on start page. 26 Apr 2002 Remove unnecessary prompts to save empty project
Warns if support/upgrade period expired for licence holders. 15 Apr 2002 Ensure "TerminateOnCDremoval" and "IgnoreCDchange" not both checked 15 Apr 2002 More advantageous licencing
Customisation features for professional licence holders
Improved username/password length
TerminateOnCDremoval added
Message boxes made modal with respect to application
On New or Load project, asked whether to save work if project changed 12 Apr 2002 More advantageous licencing
Customisation features for professional licence holders
Improved username/password length
TerminateOnCDremoval added;  IgnoreCDchange removed
Message boxes made modal with respect to application
On New or Load project, asked whether to save work if project chnaged 11 Mar 2002 If Rebuild CD Image fails because existing file cannot be deleted because it is read only, then this reason given. 27 Feb 2002 "cdFile" and "helpScreen" advanced options added
Fixed bug: project file unreadable if saved in Source or Image directory
New project file defaults to description in "My Documents" 3 Dec 2001 New licence types supported
Dynamic-CD documentation licensed when id entered
2.5.0 18 Oct 2001 Advanced options added: NetworkAccess, IgnoreCDchange and Register components
"Go to Rebuild page" added to first wizard page
Cancel prompts to save work only if project changed
Fixed bug: Settings key created if need be
.inc files encrypted as well as .asp
Save As button added to Ready wizard page
Slowness in Select Directories wizard page improved
2.2.0 23 May 2001 Advanced dialog added
Rebuild button added to final wizard page
Test button on final page stops appropriate Dynamic-CD before starting it again
Stop Dynamic-CD button shown on Select Dirs page if necessary
If project cannot be saved when Finish pressed, do not exit
2.0.2 22 Feb 2001 Fixed bug: In password-protected directories, all files were protected by mistake
2.0.1 20 Feb 2001 Checks that files are not already encrypted
2.0.0 12 Feb 2001 Rewrite for Dynamic-CD V 2.0
1.0.3 10 Aug 2000 Birth

Known bugs :

Key :
  • W95 = Windows 95
  • W98 = Windows 98
  • WMe = Windows Millenium
  • WNT4 means Windows NT V4
  • W2000 means Windows 2000
  • WXP means Windows XP
  • Vista means Windows Vista
  • W7 means Windows 7
  • IE6 means Internet Explorer version 6
  • FF3 means Mozilla Firefox version 3, etc
  • GC means Google Chrome

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