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What's it all about?

What is Dynamic-CD ?
  Dynamic-CD provides the services you'd expect from a web server - except it's on a CD.
Why would I want an web server on a CD?

Do you distribute information
on CD, DVD or USB-stick?
Do users view the information
in a browser?
Would you benefit from a
programmable CD?
Is your information copyright
or under licence?
Is your information stored
in a database?
Use Dynamic-CD's support for ASP/ASP.NET scripts.
Use Dynamic-CD's encryption
and password protection.
Use Dynamic-CD's support
for database objects.

What's a programmable CD?
  First generation web sites were written as static pages stored on an Internet Server. The pages never changed unless manually updated by the web master.

Then came dynamic web sites, where pages are generated real-time by the Internet Server, usually taking the content from a database, and customising that content in response to a user request.

Dynamic-CD gives you the power to create second generation CDs - CDs that generate content real-time in response to user requests ... programmable CDs.

You are not stuck in someone's non-standard programming environment - you program in VBScript and hook into a standard set of built-in objects that emulate the functionality of Microsoft's® Active Server Pages (ASP). Or program in any language supported by ASP.NET.

Why put a website on a CD?
  Copy your web site or product catalog to a CD and take it on the road, showing your products to clients without the hassle of Internet connections and download times.

Perhaps you distribute huge graphics files that are too time - consuming to download from the Internet. Put your graphics on a CD and program a hook-up to your website. Integrate the Dynamic-CD and your website so that the latest information comes from the website while the huge files come from the CD.

Perhaps you have a product catalog that changes only occasionally. Distribute the catalog on CD so that your clients have your data immediately to hand (perhaps they work while travelling). Program a hook-up to your website to add-in the latest details. Program a order form that sends orders to your website for processing. Add an emailing object so that your customers can email you straight from the Dynamic-CD.

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