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Compare Dynamic-CD's ASP emulation

Taking the ASP object model as supported by Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) as being the standard, the tools here allow the direct comparison of Dynamic-CD's ASP emulation against IIS or indeed any other server's ASP support.

The tools run a variety of tests, making use of the XMLHTTP component to simultaneously query other servers and display the rests on the same page, allowing a detailed comparison to be made.

Further tests can be easily added to test any particular functionality.

How to set up IIS for to run these tests

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IIS needs to be installed and configured so that its root directory is the same as Dynamic-CD's root directory.

To install IIS (not available under Windows XP Home) use the Windows Help system and search for "IIS" to find installation information.

Once installed, to configure IIS, navigate to START / Settings / Administrative Tools / Internet Information Services / (local computer) / Web Sites / Default Web Site.

Right-click on Default Web Site and select Properties / Home Directory. Set the Local Path to the current Dynamic-CD root directory.

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