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Getting Started Example

This example will help you get started using ASP Dynamic-CD.
Pressing the button below will create a simple website that displays a database table.

Two directories will be created. The first - \Dynamic-CD.source - contains the website. The second - \Dynamic-CD.image - is empty and is the directory that Dynamic-CD-Wizard will write to when it creates an image ready to burn to CD.

Once the directories have been created, start Dynamic-CD-Wizard from your Start menu : Start+Programs+Dynamic-CD+Dynamic-CD-Wizard.

  • on the first page, press New Project and give the project a name eg : My Test Site
  • on the next page, choose ASP as the server technology
  • on the next page, choose \Dynamic-CD.source as the source directory
  • choose default.asp as the startup file
  • choose \Dynamic-CD.image as the image directory
  • ignore the next page - don't password protect anything
  • ignore the next page - leave the debug settings as they are
  • press the Next button on the next page to make your CD image
On the final page, you can Test on hard disk. This will show the web site running from the \Dynamic-CD.image directory on your hard disk

You can now burn the contents of the image directory to a CD. Notice that the image directory contains the generated file AUTORUN.INF. When you burn the contents of the image directory to a CD, this file must end up in the root directory of the CD.

Over to you ... good luck!

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