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Office Web Components

The following information has been copied from the Microsoft web site. The examples below have been adapted from OWebComp.exe, a self-extracting executable file that contains a series of scripting samples. For further information, look here : Q258187.

Overview of Office Web Components (OWC)
Microsoft® Office 2000 introduced the Office Web Components, a collection of COM controls designed to bring interactive spreadsheet modeling, database reporting, and data visualization to a number of control containers.

The OWC library contains four principal components: Spreadsheet, Chart, PivotTable, and Data Source. These components support many of the most commonly used features found in Excel and Access:

  • The Spreadsheet component provides a recalculation engine, a full function library, and a simple worksheet user interface.
  • The Chart component enables you to chart data from a variety of sources.
  • The PivotTable component allows users to sort, group, filter, outline, and manipulate data stored in either traditional or multidimensional data sources.
  • The Data Source component provides the other components with a way to get data. Of the four OWC components, the Data Source component is the only one that does not have a user interface.
Note : The OWC controls are not currently installed on this machine.

Example 1 : Generate a PivotTable Image
This ASP sample uses the OWC.PivotTable component to generate an GIF image. The actual PivotTable is never viewed by the client; instead, the client views an image of the PivotTable that the server generates at runtime using the ExportPicture method. ExportPicture generates a GIF file in the Windows Temporary Directory which is then shown in the browser as a  file://  URL.

View source code
Example 2 : Generate a Chart Image
This ASP script generates a chart using the OWC.Chart component. When the chart has been set with all the desired series and formatting information, the ASP script calls the ExportPicture method to generate a temporary GIF representation of the chart in the Windows Temporary Directory, which is then shown in the browser as a  file://  URL.
View source code

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