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ASP Documentation
• Introduction
• Getting started
• Dynamic-CD wizard
Passwords & Encryption
• Overview
• Example 1
• Example 2
• The script language
• Script examples
• Database scripts
Technical details
• Applications
• Built-in objects
• Character Encoding
• Cookies
• Database CDs
• Development tips
• FAQs
• Future developments
• Global.asa
• Network support
• Object registration
• Resources
• ScriptingContext
• Server-side includes
• Sessions
• Technical limits
ASP Documentation

This documentation is primarily aimed at the ASP version of Dynamic-CD. Please see the Dynamic-CD.Net pages for details of this software.

CDs are increasingly used to distribute information in HTML format so that customers can navigate your content with an industry - standard browser.

The limitation of static HTML is just that - it's static - no processing power, no search facilities, no password protection, no customisation, no generation of pages from databases.

Dynamic-CD is a programmable Internet server that runs straight from a CD, DVD or disk drive without installation being required.

Put Dynamic-CD on your distributed media and use the power of an Internet server to password protect sensitive data, and generate dynamic content.

The documentation can be viewed by selecting from the panel on the left.

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