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Dynamic-CD's support for Active Server Pages (ASP)

Improved ASP support
Dynamic-CD's support for the ASP model has been completely rewritten for Version 2.9 in order to fully support the IScriptingContext interface. Apart from a few methods that seem to be irrelevant to CD production, Dynamic-CD's script support is now fully compatible with the ASP model in all tests performed.

For details of supported and additional properties and methods, look here :

To compare Dynamic-CD's ASP support with any other ASP server, look here :

Dynamic-CD - specific functionality

Dynamic-CD provides a number of extra ASP functions to support CD production.

Server.IsInternetConnected method
The method Server.IsInternetConnected returns a boolean value indicating whether the user is connected to the Internet. Look here for further details.

The Server.StopServer method terminates Dynamic-CD after all pending browser requests have been honoured. This is an automated alternative to informing the user to stop Dynamic-CD by clicking on the icon in the tray. Look here for further details.

If you are distributing a Dynamic-CD which requires the registration of components that users will not have already registered on their machine, the new method Server.RegisterObject allows you to make this happen even for users that do not have registry access priviledges. Look here for further details.

Extra Server Variables
Various extra Request.ServerVariables are provided. Look here for further details.

Server support for password protection
Various methods are provided to support encryption and password protection. Look here for further details.

Server.EjectCD ejects the CD.

Server.LogFileName sets the name of the log file that is appended to by calls to Response.AppendToLog.

Server.FileExists determines whether a given file exists and provides support for platforms where the Scripting.FileSystemObject is not available.

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