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Features List

Dynamic-CD ...
  • password protect your CD, DVD or USB-memory-stick
  • create interactive CDs using scripts, code, DLLs and assemblies
  • create CDs with database access
  • an Internet server that runs direct from a CD or DVD
  • runs straight from a CD with no installation.
  • starts automatically when a CD is inserted
  • on startup, displays an initial web page
  • on CD removal, server notifies user
ASP Dynamic-CD ... ASP.NET Dynamic-CD.Net ...
  • runs full ASP.NET 2.0+ based web sites
  • runs under Windows XP, Vista and 7

Dynamic-CD-Wizard ...
  • installs the Dynamic-CD runtime into your CD image
  • password protects files and directories
  • encrypts ASP script files with sensitive data

 Licences ...
  • Flexible range of licences available
  • Professional licenses allow for full customisation

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