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Example of a SecureCD
and CD Copy Protection

Suppose you are distributing proprietary information on a CD that is to be made publically available - on the cover of a magazine, for example. A section of the CD is for public viewing, and another section can only be viewed after the payment of a licence fee.

How can Dynamic-CD help?

First, the private section of the CD can be encrypted so that it is only accessible to those who have paid the licence fee.

This solves part of the problem, but raises another. The CD will no doubt be replicated hundreds or thousands of times, each with the same access password. How to stop someone who has paid the licence fee from distributing the password to others?

Second, the payment of the licence fee is handled automatically on-line via a secure Internet server, and the server supplies the user with a two-part access code for the CD.

The user enters the first part of the access code whenever they want to view the CD. The second part is stored on the user's hard disk in encrypted form, invisible to both the user and anyone else.

If the user distributes the first part of the access code to others, the others will not be able to access the CD because this requires the presence of the second part of the access code on their machine.

CD Copy Protection
Equally, this technique allows for copy protection of a purchased CD.

Before being able to access the full functionality of the CD, the user is required to contact the Internet server of the manufacturer and register their copy. The registration process supplies a two-part access code, as above, and enables full access to the CD.

Inevitable disadvantages :
You would have to provide customer service in the rare event that a user wants to transfer access to different computer, or whose computer has died.

Such techniques would not be possible for customers who do not have Internet access.

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