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Dynamic-CD ASP Examples Home

These examples show ASP Dynamic-CD in action

The Getting started example helps you to get started using Dynamic-CD.
The Automated encryption example shows how to use scripts to encrypt files.
The Compare ASP servers example compares Dynamic-CD's ASP emulation against other servers.
The Cookies test centre exercises Dynamic-CD Cookies.
The Database browser shows Dynamic-CD using ADODB objects to browse an ACCESS database
The Menuing system example shows the use of Server-Side Include files to locate common functionality in a single file. The Dynamic-CD menuing system uses this technique to provide dynamic menus.
The Office Web Components example shows Dynamic-CD using Microsoft® Office 2000 Office Web Components, a collection of ActiveX controls that provide spreadsheet modeling, database reporting, and data visualization.
The Searching CDs example shows Spy-CD, a java search tool, and Dynamic-CD working together to search both text and database tables.
The SecureCD example shows how to use Dynamic-CD to create a CD that is accessible only to those who have paid a licence fee. Also how to implement CD copy protection.
The Shopping cart example shows Dynamic-CD implementing a CD-based shopping cart ordering system and handling updates from a remote server.
The Slide show example demonstrates Dynamic-CD sequencing a slide show.
The Sync demo shows Dynamic-CD synchronising a CD with updated information on the Internet.
The Timed passwords example shows Dynamic-CD implementing a password control system with expiry dates.
The User Entry Control example shows how to implement a user-friendly username and password entry system.

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