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Dynamic-CD Demo Home

Information is increasingly distributed on CDs in HTML format so that customers can navigate your content with an industry - standard browser.

The limitation of static HTML is just that - it's static - no processing power, no password protection, no customisation, no generation of pages from databases.

Dynamic-CD is a programmable Internet server that runs straight from a CD, DVD or disk drive without installation being required.

Put Dynamic-CD on your distributed media and use the power of an Internet server to password protect sensitive data, and generate dynamic content.

These demos shows the ASP Dynamic-CD server in action :
The Dynamic-CD server did not serve this page.
If you can see a CD icon in the taskbar tray, then click here to start Dynamic-CD.
If you do not see the CD icon, you can start Dynamic-CD by re-inserting the CD and letting it AutoPlay.
Alternatively, run "dyncd.exe".

If your browser complains about working offline, or says the link is unavailable, click the "Try Again" button and / or the "Connect" button.

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