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Dynamic-CD   - the web server on CD, DVD or USB stick

Give out your web site - on CD, DVD, USB stick, or laptop

Forget connection hassles and slow download speeds.
Let your sales staff take your web site with them on the move.

CDs are a great direct marking tool.
Give your customers your web site at their finger tips.

  • Dynamic-CD is a web server that runs directly from CD, DVD or USB stick
  • Dynamic-CD supports ASP scripts
  • Dynamic-CD supports ACCESS databases
  • Dynamic-CD encrypts confidential source
  • Use Dynamic-CD-Wizard to build a CD image
  • ASP Dynamic-CD supports Windows 95 through to Windows 8.1
  • Dynamic-CD confirmed to support Windows 10
  • Dynamic-CD.NET supports ASP.NET 2.0+ on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Running legacy ASP on a modern server? Use Dynamic-CD to pre-parse your scripts

ASP Dynamic-CD ASP.NET Dynamic-CD.NET
Dynamic-CD : The web server on CD
"Dynamic-CD has been an extremely useful (and trouble free) addition to our disc product, and is much liked by our end users."
Charles Kerr, November 2014 : www.regs4ships.com
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