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Version details

Please read the README file.

ASP.NET Dynamic-CD.Net

Dynamic-CD.Net web server

3.5.2 25 Feb 2010 Full release
Pro dialog title set in all cases
UTF-8 ini files supported
Trim start and end spaces from ini file values
Platform target set to x86 so Access database Jet driver works
3.5.1 20 Jan 2010 Beta release

Dynamic-CD-Wizard.Net set up tool 10 Mar 2010 "Check latest version online" working
Licensing update 23 Jan 2010 Full release.
Help updated 20 Jan 2010 Beta release.

Key :
  • WXP means Windows XP
  • Vista means Windows Vista
  • W7 means Windows 7
  • IE6 means Internet Explorer version 6
  • FF3 means Mozilla Firefox version 3, etc
  • GC means Google Chrome

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