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Support for CD-RW format CDs

If your clients have appropriate software installed, and you want them to return information to you, just send them a Dynamic-CD created on a CD-RW (re-writeable) CD.

Because the CD-RW is re-writeable, Dynamic-CD writes their entered data back to the CD, your client returns it to you, end of story. All the complex hassle of them having to burn a new CD is avoided.

The disadvantage is that both you and your client need to have UDF software installed on your machines. UDF software makes a CD-RW look just like a (very large) floppy disk - you can read and write to the CD-RW as often as you like. Without UDF drivers, the CD-RW will be unreadable. UDF is an acronym for "Universal Disk Format" - a filesystem specification intended for use on write-once and re-writable media.

There are a number of UDF software suppliers. Some products can make ordinary CDs appear to function as CD-RWs by adding new data as new tracks. We've tested Dynamic-CD writing text files and updating databases on CD-RW's formatted by

  • Nero's InCD
  • Roxio's Easy CD & DVD Creator (also called DirectCD or Drag-to-Disc),
  • Pinnacle Systems' Instant CD/DVD. This includes an SDK that gives a range of progammable functionality for CD players. Contact us for an activeX component that makes the connection to this SDK.

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