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Dynamic-CD.Net - AutoPlay support

Dynamic-CD and Dynamic-CD.Net provide a great user experience:

  • Dynamic-CD AutoPlays from CD, DVD or USB stick (if possible)
  • CDs with Dynamic-CD show up neatly in My Computer
  • When running, a user can control Dynamic-CD from the taskbar notification area
  • If a CD is removed, Dynamic-CD asks for it to be replaced, or viewing cancelled

A CD AutoPlay dialog window that gives the user the option of running Dynamic-CD.Net AutoPlay

Dynamic-CD-Wizard.Net creates a suitable AUTORUN.INF file containing startup instructions used by Windows.

The text "Dynamic-CD" in the images on the right is replaced with your chosen project name. You can choose whether to show a CD icon, a USB icon (or your own icon if using the Professional license). Dynamic-CD.Wizard also creates a suitable favicon.ico file for your web site, if one is not present already.

AutoPlay CD/DVD

  • In Windows XP, a CD/DVD will typically start Dynamic-CD.Net automatically.
  • In Windows Vista and Windows 7, a CD/DVD will usually open the AutoPlay options window, as shown on the right.
  • In some situations, AutoPlay will be switched off - you must open the CD/DVD folder and click on the provided file StartTheCD.vbs - this then starts Dynamic-CD.Net. If isn't permitted, run dyncd/dyncd.exe, ie move to the dyncd folder and double-click dyncd.exe

AutoPlay USB

  • In Windows XP and Windows Vista, when you insert a USB memory stick, the AutoPlay dialog, above right, is normally shown.
  • In Windows 7, the AutoPlay window does not normally list the Dynamic-CD option, so you must open the folder and double-click StartTheCD.vbs or dyncd/dyncd.exe if necessary.

How a Dynamic-CD looks in My Computer, and the right-click menu My Computer

If you open My Computer, the CD, DVD or USB device will show a suitable icon and label. For CDs/DVDs, either double-click on the drive - or right-click to show a menu of options, eg with "Start Dynamic-CD" as shown on the right. For USB devices, click on "Open AutoPlay..." or "Explore" the folder and run StartTheCD.vbs or dyncd/dyncd.exe if necessary.

Dynamic-CD.Net checks that you are running a suitable version of Windows and .NET Windows and .NET version check

Dynamic-CD.Net checks that the user is running a suitable version of Windows (ie Windows XP or later or equivalent) and that the .NET Framework version 2.0 or later is installed.

The warning message shown by Dynamic-CD.Net if a CD is ejected or USB stick removed Device Removal

Dynamic-CD.Net loads itself into memory so it continues running if you eject the CD or unplug the USB stick. As shown on the right, you are asked to replace the CD or USB device - or cancel viewing.

How Dynamic-CD.Net looks in the taskbar notification area Taskbar notification icon

Dynamic-CD.Net shows a CD or USB icon in the taskbar notification area - right-click on the icon to control Dynamic-CD.Net. The icon and text are customisable in the Professional version of the software.

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