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Dynamic-CD serves FrontPage sites

Dynamic-CD is an HTTP web server designed to serve web sites from CD. Dynamic-CD provides the services of Internet Information Services (IIS) and Personal Web Server (PWS).

Dynamic-CD supports Active Server Pages (ASP) scripts. This means that Dynamic-CD can serve dynamic database-generated sites created by Microsoft's FrontPage® straight from CD without modification.

For instructions of how set up Dynamic-CD to drive an example FrontPage Northwind database site, look here.

Dynamic-CD also provides features specific to CD. Features include the encryption of scripts - so that the processing remains hidden to users, encryption and password-protection of sensitive files, and support for CD insertion and removal. On insertion, Dynamic- CD auto-runs transparently with no installation required.

Dynamic-CD marshals the resources of a PC for use by ASP scripts. Even if MS ACCESS® is not installed, recent versions of Windows include ActiveX database components that can be used by Dynamic-CD to serve database-generated sites from CD.

Dynamic-CD's volatile registration process allows Active-X components to be installed from CD, even for users with only guest privileges. Complex scripts can be written in Visual Basic and compiled to an ActiveX component with access to ASP's built -in objects - Request, Response, Session, Server etc. - via Dynamic -CD's ScriptingContext interface.

Dynamic-CD-Wizard generates an image directory from your source. Burn the image to CD and you're done. The Wizard handles the encryption and password protection of files, setting startup and shut down preferences, customisation, and configuring the CD to auto-run.

Limitations / Technical stuff

  • Requires Windows 95 / NT4 or later
  • Platforms other than Windows are not supported
  • For script support, Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later) needs to have been installed, although Dynamic-CD runs in all browsers
  • For database support, Windows 95, 98 FE and NT4 require an extra (free) download
  • Supports most features of ASP V3.0
  • Supports server-side includes and global.asa
  • Supports non-browser cookies
  • Supports running on a network
  • A range of licences is available
  • A range of customisable features is provided
  • Proven to run large ASP systems such as Comersus and Snitz Forum

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