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Support for PDF Partial-Content

Adobe's PDF (Portable Document Format) is often used to present documents on CD. PDF files enable the display and printing of any layout without the limitations of HTML. Adobe's PDF reader Acrobat® is available as a free download.

A significant problem with large PDF files is that all the pages have to be transferred before the first can be displayed. The remedy is page-at-a-time "byteserving". Byteserving is a technique for transferring large quantities of data in small chunks. You can look at the first page while the rest of the pages are being loaded in the background.

Dynamic-CD now supports byte-serving for non-encrypted PDF files.

For byte-serving to work, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1. The PDF document must be Saved As "Fast Web View". To set this option, in Acrobat Writer, go to Edit+Preferences+General+Options, and select "Save As Optimised for Fast Web View".
  2. The browser must be able to handle byteserving (Navigator or Internet Explorer 3.0 or later).
  3. The PDF Reader must be set for Allow Background Download of Entire File, an option in General Preferences of Acrobat Reader.
  4. The server hosting the document must be able to handle byteserving.
  5. If you are running MS Internet Explorer 4.0, you need to update your system with the latest ActiveX Control for Adobe Acrobat in order to enable PDF Search highlighting and page-at-a-time downloading (byteserving) of multipage PDF files.

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