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Dynamic-CD's volatile component registration

If you are distributing a Dynamic-CD which requires the registration of components that users will not have already registered on their machine, the new method Server.RegisterObject allows you to make this happen even for users that do not have registry access priviledges.

The component registration is volatile, meaning that the components will not remain registered after the machine is shut down. (For users with registry access priviledges, the registration appears to be permanent, contrary to Microsoft's documentation).

An example of components that you might want to distribute with your CD are the VisualASP Components, an evaluation version of which is available for free download from their site.

To register your components, add installation code such as the following to global.asp :

  ' register the VisualASP objects
  thisDir = Server.MapPath( ".")
  Server.RegisterObject(  thisDir + "\TreeView501.dll")
  Server.RegisterObject(  thisDir + "\TabView501.dll")
  Server.RegisterObject(  thisDir + "\MonthView501.dll")
  Server.RegisterObject(  thisDir + "\ListView501.dll")

Once the components are registered, you can access them anywhere on your site by creating them as normal :

  Set ListView = Server.CreateObject("VASPLV.ASPListView")

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