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What's new in the V2.7.0 release

Use of ActiveX components
Certain ActiveX components require the use of the ASP Built-In Objects Response, Request, Server, Session and Application. Look here for further information.

We now deprecate the registration of components via Dynamic-CD-Wizard. Such registration will only work on platforms where the user has Adminstrator privileges. We are working on providing a registration process that avoids writing to protected sections of the registry.

Update to Response.BinaryWrite
 Response.BinaryWrite  has been updated to support streaming binary files. For an example and more information, look here.

Better support for MIME types
When Dynamic-CD is asked for a file type that it hasn't seen before, it looks up the file type in the registry and sends the HTTP header Content-type to inform the browser as to the file type. If the file type is not registered in the registry of the machine running Dynamic-CD, the HTTP header
 Content-type : application/x-msdownload  is sent, which should guarantee that the browser displays a SaveAs dialog.

Support for guest user accounts under Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Previous versions of Dynamic-CD were unable to run scripts under Windows 2000 and Windows XP for users with limited permissions. Version has resolved this difficulty.

What's new in the V2.6.1 release

Session.LCID implemented
The Sesson.LCID property has been implemented to give Session support for non-US locales. The effects of changing the Session.LCID and the VBScript SetLocale values can be tested here.

Note that the LCID only effects certain locale values - for example  Response.Write TRUE  always outputs TRUE and not Vrai in French. Note also that Cookies always store strings whereas Session variables store other datatypes, giving results that you might not expect.

The order of calling Session.LCID and the VBScript SetLocale is important and Dynamic-CD's implementation does not work in the same order as IIS.

Script catch of 404 errors
The support files phdUnk.asp, phdBadPw.asp and phdNoNet.asp live in the executable directory and must be present for Dynamic-CD to start correctly. These files are served when an unknown page is requested, a bad password is entered, or illegal network access is attempted, respectively. You are free to edit and replace the contents of these three files.

Information about the error is stored in the query string sent to these files and this information can be used to redirect to a help system or for any other processing. Click here to see the effect of requesting a non-existent page xyz.htm?user=James. On our Internet website, this error is caught by the PHDCC catch-all error handler.

Server.EncryptFile implemented
For Professional and Consultancy Licence holders, the script method
 Server.EncryptFile( sourceFileName, outputFileName, userName, userPassword
encrypts the sourceFileName using the specified userName and userPassword. Strong userPasswords are enforced.

An example of using this method is given here.

Support for strong passwords
Dynamic-CD-Wizard can be configured to enforce the use of "strong passwords".

Weak passwords can still be used to encrypt files using Dynamic-CD-Wizard, but if you use the script functions  Server.EnableUser  or  Server.EncryptFile  to handle password protection in a script, strong passwords must be used.

Dynamic-CD's definition of strong passwords is as follows :

A strong password must contain at least 3 of the following 4 classes of character :
Class 1 : English upper case letters A, B, C, ... Z
Class 2 : English lower case letters a, b, c, ... z
Class 3 : Westernized arabic numerals 0, 1, 2, ... 9
Class 4 : Non-alphanumeric characters &~#@^_-$%*!?
The password must not contain the username.
The username and password must each comprise at least 6 characters.
The combined length of the username and password must not exceed 27 characters.

Only the characters in the above lists can be used in passwords.

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