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ASP Documentation
• Introduction
• Getting started
• Dynamic-CD wizard
Passwords & Encryption
• Overview
• Example 1
• Example 2
• The script language
• Script examples
• Database scripts
Technical details
• Applications
• Built-in objects
• Character Encoding
• Cookies
• Database CDs
• Development tips
• FAQs
• Future developments
• Global.asa
• Network support
• Object registration
• Resources
• ScriptingContext
• Server-side includes
• Sessions
• Technical limits
ASP programming tips

Error handling and Debugging
Errors are signalled by Dynamic-CD in the intial parsing phase, by VBScript in its parsing phase, and by VBScript when it runs the script. VBScript run-time errors are particularly cryptic.

To debug ASP scripts, one possibility is to insert  MsgBox( "debug message")  dialogs to determine where the problem is occurring.

Another possibility is to test the script under Personal Web Server (Windows 98) or Internet Information Server (Windows 2000) so as to check that the script functions correctly in ASP. Consult the Dynamic-CD's ASP specification for differences between Dynamic-CD's ASP and ASP.

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