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ASP Documentation
• Introduction
• Getting started
• Dynamic-CD wizard
Passwords & Encryption
• Overview
• Example 1
• Example 2
• The script language
• Script examples
• Database scripts
Technical details
• Applications
• Built-in objects
• Character Encoding
• Cookies
• Database CDs
• Development tips
• FAQs
• Future developments
• Global.asa
• Network support
• Object registration
• Resources
• ScriptingContext
• Server-side includes
• Sessions
• Technical limits

Planned developments
Our aim is to continue the development of Dynamic-CD so that it integrates seamlessly with existing and future platforms.

Our current plans include

  • Support for streaming large encrypted video files
  • Replacing the proprietary encryption algorithm with an industry standard
  • Support for using Dynamic-CD over multiple CDs

    Your feedback
    We look forward to receiving your feedback of ideas for the development of Dynamic-CD, together with examples of systems you have developed or would like to see developed.

    We offer license upgrades to those sharing a valuable idea that open up new avenues for Dynamic-CD.

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