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ASP Server-Side Includes

Server-Side Includes (SSI) are script files that can be inserted in another script as follows :

<!-- #INCLUDE FILE="security.inc" -->
<!-- #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/includes/header.inc" -->

SSI files can be encrypted and recursively nested within each other. Dynamic-CD Wizard will help you encrypt files with .inc and .asp extensions. The file name must be enclosed in quotes.

SSI files can have any name. The standard extension is .inc but in fact this is not a secure choice in general because a server will display a *.inc file as text on request. To keep included files hidden, either give them an .asp extension or ensure that they are encrypted.

Dynamic-CD simply replaces the SSI include statement with the file requested.

The  FILE  tag specifies the file location relative to the current page.
The  VIRTUAL  tag specifies the file location relative to the root directory.

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