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Password protection - example 2
An access control system

An access control system can be implemented using scripts and special  Server  built-in methods supported by the ASP language.

This example grants different levels of access depending on the password entered.

  • gold access allows all pages to be viewed (the password is golden)
  • silver access allows a subset of the pages to be viewed (the password is argent)
  • bronze access allows minimum access.

    All saved passwords are first cleared by  Server.clearAllUsers . Then, specific (userName, passWord) combinations are enabled by  Server.enableUser .
    (Look here for the specification of built-in Server methods).

    You currently have bronze level access.
    To change your access level, enter the password for the level you would like access and press ENTER :
    Enter the access password :

    The controlled web site :


    View the source for this example.

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