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Password protection - example 1

Password protection is somewhat confusing because passwords are remembered in different ways :

  • Browsers remember the last Username - Password combination sent in the password request dialog box.
  • Dynamic-CD stores correct Username - Password combinations and will use these stored values to try to open any password-protected page.

In this example, use the following facilities to control who remembers what password :

Tell Dynamic-CD to forget all passwords :
Tell your browser to forget the last password :
You can also switch off Dynamic-CD password protection to see what the pages would look like if a user tries to access them directly, by-passing Dynamic-CD :

If you switch off password protection, remember to switch it back on before leaving this page!

Example of password protection :

The following password protection example is not activated on the website.
Please download the development kit to try out this example.
For a password protection example that is activated on the website, please select the demo.

Henry's Pages with  (Username, Password)  combinations

Susan's Pages with  (Username, Password)  combinations

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