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Dynamic-CD-Wizard helps you create a CD image directory from a source directory on your hard disk.

  • Maintain your web site in the source directory.
  • Run Dynamic-CD-Wizard to make a CD image directory.
  • Finally, burn the CD image directory onto a CD, and test.

What Dynamic-CD-Wizard does...
After gathering set up information from you, Dynamic-CD-Wizard builds a CD image directory that is a copy of your source directory, modified as follows :
  • Dynamic-CD-Wizard copies the Dynamic-CD runtime into your CD image directory.
  • Dynamic-CD-Wizard sets up various Dynamic-CD parameters, such as the initial page to be shown.
  • Dynamic-CD-Wizard lets you choose files or directories to protect with passwords.
  • Dynamic-CD-Wizard can also encrypt your ASP .asp and .INC pages, so that no one can see your code.

More information ...
Dynamic-CD-Wizard has its own help system. Run Dynamic-CD-Wizard and click on the Help button or press F1 for context-sensitive help.

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